Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fox Friends, Aurifil, and Ruler Holders Oh My

Welcome to my Sunday Stash report...

I was down to my last spool of Aurifil white (I get really nervous and my eye starts twitching when that happens :)  so luckily I found some great deals on Aurifil thread at my local quilt show and at Pink Castle. Here are the 9 spools I picked up.

And now Fox Friends...I had been debating over this line since I saw the previews.  As soon as it came out I got some yardage of the polkadot bunny prints and tried to convince myself that it was enough.  Enter the sale at Pink Castle and the fat quarter bundle jumped into my cart (that is my story and I am sticking to it).

When I was at the quilt show helping out the in book sales area, one fellow quilter came in with one of these:

I don't have too many rulers (yet), but for the ones I did have I was storing them all in a stack on my bookshelf which meant that every time I pulled one out they all wound up all over the floor.  I am loving this organization.

Finally, I went to put my Bernina in for its 1 year cleaning and started talking with one of the sales women about a quilting issue I was having (when quilting in a straight line, when I turned the quilt 90 degrees or more I often wound up with a birds nest on the back).  She recommended trying the straight stitch plate so I bought one of those and will let you know if it solves the problem.

Happy Stashing!  I'm linking up with Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles.


  1. Love the ruler organizer! I've been thinking about hanging hooks for mine, but this is so handy.

  2. Love the ruler organizer, too! I have mine on a slide out drawer and they end up falling on the floor - so a ruler organizer might definitely be in order. I have the single hole plate for my Bernina. LOVE! Great for piecing! I move the needle one over to the right and that is a scant 1/4". Just remember when you have it on! I have broken a couple of needles.

  3. All my rulers are propped up between the table leg and the wall... not the most ideal solution! I've been looking at one of those racks because I think it'd be great.

  4. Oooh, all sorts of yum! I'm with you--when my Aurifil gets low, I get panicky! :)

  5. Those sales at pink castle get me every time! Hoping that new plate fixes your problem. Not cool!

  6. Funny, I just restocked some basic Aurifil, myself! Curious to see what you will make with Fox Friends, Cheryl. I haven't seen this fabric in person and have been sitting on the fence wondering about adding some to the stash....

  7. Great investment, I wouldn't think of quilting without my straight stitch plate. My piecing is also more accurate using it as well, especially on intersections with multiple seams. And Aurifil...I use it for ALL piecing and quilting. Guess my next stop should be Pink Castle.

  8. I have the ruler organizer (a shorter version, 5 or 6 tracks). I love it. At first I think of it as "nice to have" but I no longer search for my rulers, and it grips very well on a table.

  9. Do you have contact information for that ruler organizer. It looks like a must have.


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